2004 Equispirit 3 horse safe load xl


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  • Make: Equispirit
  • Model: 3 horse safe load xl
  • Type: Horse
  • Subtype: Other
  • Location:
  • Year: 2004
  • Living Quarters: No


equispirit did a lovely job of taking the safety of the horse in the consideration in their design of trailers. being here on the west coast you may have seen hawk trailers. east coast more equispirit. they were one company that started on the east coast and when they split hawk came out this way. so if you have seen hawk trailers that will give you an idea of what the equispirit is. this is the three horse safe load one horse stands in front on a slant with a side ramp for exiting. two horses stand in back straight. the horse on the right can exit out the front on the side ramp as well. this is the xl model- 7' 8" tall 11' stalls 31 1/2' overall length generous tack room with outlets for 110. old solar panel on the roof to power battery to run electricity however my guess is at this point that probably has to be replaced. it also has a camera in the back but i never hooked it up or used it. so somebody more tech savvy then me could probably figure it out i've no doubt it still works. it is a lovely bright red and white you will not be missed driving down the road. $25 000. link below to the equispirit website if anybody wants to check out more details about specs and what not. https //equispirit.com/products/3horse.htm i will also be selling my truck which is a 2001 ford f350 7.3l diesel long bed extended cab. 98 700miles. great condition. $22 000. so if somebody wants to buy the package deal that is also an option. it's a very patriotic package blue truck and red and white trailer. you can't be missed.