2021 Lamar 7x18' 14000# gvw equipment trailer h6831827

72846 Lamar, AR

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  • Make: Lamar
  • Model: 7x18' 14000# gvw equipment trailer h6831827
  • Type: Equipment
  • Subtype: Other
  • Location: 72846 Lamar, AR
  • Year: 2021
  • Weight: 2775.0 lbs
  • Pull Type: Bumper Pull


trailer is equipped with stand up spring assisted ramps 16" o.c. floor and 4-d-rings in addition to standard features below. unit is charcoal in color with black mod wheels. for a walk around of this model click the video below or use this link https //www.youtube.com/watch?v=-gn8ly1tkzy h6 equipment trailer the h6 equipment trailer one of the more common equipment trailers we sell and is ideal for loading equipment such as a bobcat mini excavator full size truck or similar. the trailer can be equipped a number of different ways by order but by far and away the most common is straight axles and a 2' beavertail with either 5' stand up ramps or the rhino full width ramps. this trailer comes equipped standard with a 2 5/16" ball or a pintle coupler and has a 7-pin blade standard on most all trucks 12v connection. this trailer will come with brakes on all 4 wheels and 7000# dexter axles 14000# gvw but heavier axles are available should you need a higher payload. we most commonly sell this trailer in 18 & 20' deck lengths in a 14000# and also offer the trailer in a 102" width deck is built out flush with the fenders in front of and behind the fenders . the trailer comes in about 3000# empty leaving a payload including tongue weight of approx. 12000# bumper 14000-3000 empty 15% tongue = 12000 # . the model comes pretty well equipped but does have a fairly extensive list of available options such as dual 12k drop leg jack steel floor stand up ramps or rhino ramps 102" deck spare tire aluminum wheels several powder coat colors etc. the ideal tow vehicle for this trailer would be a aaaaaaaaaa or 1 ton truck. the trailer is not our nicest stationary deck equipment we feel sure trac gets that honor but it's at least a mid-grade trailer or better and at a fairly entry level price point - we call that a solid value. you may also consider the other equipments models we offer including the gravity tilt's. frame 6aaaaaaa channel tongue 6aaaaaaa channel axles 2x 7k lb. dexter ez-lube brakes 2x electric suspension leaf springs crossmembers 24" centers coupler 15k lb. cast 2-5/16" adjustable jack 10k lb. drop leg jack tires 235/80 r16 10 ply lr e wheels 16" silver slide in ramps 5' long floor 2" treated southern yellow pine fenders diamond plate fenders tie downs stake pockets & rubrail lights lifetime warranty led electrical -65f arctic wiring harness paint prep sandblasted paint ifs powdercoat available lengths 12' | 14' | 16' | 18' | 20' | 22' available widths 83" | 102" available gvwr 14 000 lb. to 21 000 lb. h6 equipment -structural channel crossmembers lamar uses structural channel floor crossmembers standard whereas many brands have switched over to a lighter formed floor crossmember. formed is basically flat steel formed to the shape of a "c" whereas channel is generally thicker in the corners and is about 1.5 xs heavier depending on the gauge of the formed cross member . -6" channel mainframe a 6" channel main frame lays a solid foundation for loading a variety of different equipment -more tie-downs depending on the length the trailer will come with about a dozen stake pockets and a full length rub rail. this setup aloows an almost unlimited number of tie down locations . -12k drop leg jacks the 12k jack is a heavy duty jack designed to hold up to being unhitched with a load on the trailer. some competitors go with a lighter 7k jack . -removable fenders both sides removable fenders can come in handy for either loading a car for side loading a side of material or in the event a fender were to get damaged. once you have them you find more uses for them! we get some with and some without. if you have a preference let us know . -ppg powder coat paint one major difference between our trailer and most other models at this price point will be the finish. with a standard ppg powder coat a good sandblast with steel grit and a phosphate wash you're getting an excellent finish relative to price point. most will have an acrylic enamel paint finish at the lower price points . -cold weather harness a cold weather harness makes the trailer's wiring flexible down to extreme temperatures. no more fighting with your plug on cold days which is part of the reason some cords end up dragging on the ground and getting replaced . -painted underside hard to believe but if you've crawled under many trailers you'll quickly find that paint on the underside of some trailers is an option...makes you wonder where else shortcuts are being made . -bullet led lights brighter longer lasting and they have less draw. now with the new bullet style which are sleeker and less of a target. some competitors are still using stud mount incandescent lights -easy lube hubs this standard feature makes servicing your bearings a breeze for any homeowner armed with a grease gun and a few hand tools -dexter axles dexter is the industry leader in trailer axles. they come standard on all lamar trailers. also dexter has a complete parts distribution network nationwide so you'll find parts readily available. on all tandem axles we have our trailers built with brakes on both axles standard! -slipper spring suspension it provides more durability and stability to the trailer than dual eye springs. they are also equipped with a wet bolt kit for service. many times a slipper spring will last the life of the trailer whereas a eye-to-eye will need replacement . -radial tires longer lasting and better riding radial tires should be on all trailers but sadly some name brands you've probably heard of still use bias...beware of the "hybrid" tire which looks like a radial but is still a bias tire with reduced tread wear . -never adjust brakes we equip all of our tandem axles with brakes on both axles. the brakes are self or forward adjusting much like a vehicle and automatically adjust to the proper clearance via spring tension . -cast adjustable coupler the coupler is not only adjustable and interchangeable between a pintle or ball but the ball coupler is made from cast steel not stamped. a cast coupler often gets overlooked but it's a heavier duty coupler designed to last the life of the trailer . -sealed wiring harness/sealed brake connections more time using the trailer and less time working on it! our trailer features a sealed modular harness and is equipped with plug & play connections. the wiring is concealed and protected in frame . -rear board retainer the rear board retainer keeps the transition between the floor and beavertail area from getting unnecessarily damaged and makes the deck easy to replace. some of the more economical trailers do not have a board retainer on their trailer . -channel full wrap tongue the tongue is a full wrap channel meaning it wraps the whole way back to the front axle spring hangar. we've seen some other trailers come in on trade that stop the tongue at the first cross member about a foot back on the main frame. -other little details other little differences we've noticed include gusset on the beavertail knife edge on the end of the ramps a support in the center of the fender double broke fenders ilo single broke pinstripping trailer is painted prior to deck boards being installed treated lumber. these are all things that might seem like no brainers or should be standard on all trailers but you often won't find at this price point .