New 2015 Side Dump Industries Agriculture trailer

  • Make: Side Dump Industries
  • Model: na
  • Type: Agriculture
  • Subtype: Other
  • Location:
  • Year: 2015
  • Width: 7.5 ft
  • Length: 24.0 ft
  • Pull Type: Bumper Pull



Sidumpr Industries out of Columbus, Nebraska has developed a "Pup" size Sidumpr designed specifically to replace a spreader. There is little to no maintenance required and is quite versatile. Primary use is for Manure, also great for dirt, rock, and debris. Many feedlots in the Nebraska and Iowa areas are currently demoing this product. The demo last a couple of weeks and there is no charge. 2015 SIDUMPR AG SERIES SIDE DUMP Overall Length: 29 8 Pintle Hitch: 6 Overall Height: 116 in Transport Position Body: 24 ft. 3/16 Hard-Ox 450 Tub (No center divide) Offering optimum versatility. Capacity: 16 cubic yards, Water-full 22 cubic yards, Heaped Width: 102 in. Tub, 106 at Tires Landing legs: 2 Speed Landing Legs Bumper: None Ag Use doesnt Require it Dump Angle 42 degrees Cylinder: 8 in. 3 Stage, w/ integrated balance valve, (Maintains equal pressure throughout dump cycle) Operating Pressure: Standard Tractor Hydraulics Sufficient Hydraulic Valve: Cross Over Relief Valve Tractor Hydraulics Control Over and Back Pioneer Coupling on Supplied Hoses Wiring: Separate 7-Way Axles: 1/2 in. wall w/ 49 spacing Suspension: Solid Mount Hubs: Outboard mount style hubs Brakes: None Wheels: 8.25 x 22.5 Steel Uni-mount Tires: 425/R22.5 Recap Trail Tire for Stability Lights: All LED Paint: Black Tub w/ Black Frame Tarp: Brackets Only Weight: 14,100 lbs. +/- 3% Pricing: $38,500 F.O.B. Columbus, NE / F.E.T. Exempt Farm Implement

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