2021 Sure-Trac 102x25' 17600# gvw gn deckover trailer st102205lpdo2a-gn-176-ur


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  • Make: Sure-Trac
  • Model: 102x25' 17600# gvw gn deckover trailer st102205lpdo2a-gn-176-ur
  • Type: Equipment
  • Subtype: Other
  • Location: OR
  • Year: 2021
  • Weight: 5030.0 lbs
  • Pull Type: Gooseneck


this is a gooseneck model equipped with 8000# axle upgrade full width ramps and the new pierced frame design lowers deck height 4" . watch a video of this model trailer here https //youtu.be/jdzfppzqxzm the hd low profile beavertail deckover trailer is the most common model deckover we sell and is ideal for moving most any piece of equipment that needs transported. the low profile pierced frame design gives a low 32" deck height and the 5' beavertail and 5' ramps give it a very low approach angle ideal for loading not only equipment but even cars and compact tractors among other things. this model come in both flatbed and beavertail models and came be equipped with either a 2 5/16" ball coupler a pintle coupler or optional gooseneck/5th wheel couplers. it comes standard with 7000# axles but available axles include 8000# 17600# gvw triple 7000# 21000# gvw dual 10000# 22500 gvw dual 12000# 25900# gvw and 15000# axles 30000# gvw . the model comes pretty well equipped but does have a fairly extensive list of available options such as 2-speed jacks oak deck hydraulic brakes and full width ramps. the most common models and empty weights/payloads with tongue weight are 20 5' 15k bumper pull 4640#/11360 20 5' 15k gooseneck 4900#/12100# 25 5' 22.5k gooseneck 6280#/19595# . the ideal tow vehicle on the 15k or 17.6k hd deckover would be a aaaaaaaaa ton or 1 ton diesel while you'd want to a have a 3500 or 4500 series truck for the 22.5k or 25.9k models. features see .pdf attachment for full specs/available options 12" i-beam main frame cross trac bracing 4 times stronger than torque tube spare tire mount hd d-rings 16" radial tires 235 80r16 lre 15k adjustable pintle hitch or 2 5/16" ball coupler 12k bolt-on jack tube constructed bumper hd stake pockets pipe spools and rub rail hd slipper spring axles pressure treated decking sealed brake connection side steps iron phosphate wash steel prep everlinkaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa - high performance wiring harness -pierced frame 32" deck height all sure trachd deckover trailers are equipped with a pierced frame design giving one of the lowest 32" deck heights in the industry. pierced frame refers to the process of laser cutting the i-beam and piercing the floor crossmember through the i-beam and placing the floor on top of the crossmember roughly flush with the top of the beam. you can easily tell a pierced frame trailer as it will generally have tread plate over the wheel wells and will always show the top of the i-beam mainframes. while pierced frame has been around a long time it is labor intensive and traditionally is an option that can easily cost $500-600 or more. the pierced frame combined with a 5' beavertail and 5' ramps offers a super low profile load angle that is ideal for loading virtually any equipment. the load angle of this setup is about the same as a typical 7000# or 9900# car hauler with 2' dovetail and 5' ramps and lower than many 14000# fendered equipment trailers! -16" o.c. crossmembers all sure trachd deckover trailers are equipped with 16" o.c. floor cross members. some trailers in the industry use 24" o.c. or more on the floor. these trailers are easily identifiable in a few years as they often have replaced deck boards! -12" i-beam mainframe all hd deckover models 14k and higher weight rating receive a 12"/14 foot pound mainframe with higher weight ratings getting a 19 foot pound or higher. an i-beam mainframe is a strong proven frame and has withstood the test of time for years.some other manufacturers use either a lighter i-beam such as a 8"/10# or a 10"/12# and some even use a 8" or10" channel frame . -adjustable coupler standard on all hd deckover trailers is your choice of an adjustable 2 5/16" ball or a pintle coupler that allows you to set the ball at different heights to accommodate different tow vehicles . -lots of tie downs! 8 hd d-rings stake pockets on 2' centers chain spools between each stake pocket and full length rub rail. this trailer comes equipped with plenty of tie downs to secure most any load. many will give either d-rings stake pockets or combination thereof but not all 4 . -flip over ramps the standard flip over ramps with spring assist make loading easy. you'll find the ramps to be fairly wide giving piece of mind when loading. the ramps have several built in benefits not found on many others trailers weep holes at the end of the ramp treads 4x4" cutouts on the back side of the ramps and a notch to prevent bucking of the tow vehicle. the weep holes are nice as water runs out the end of each ramp rather than collecting water. 4x4" cutouts are a nice touch as they allow you to make your own self leveled beavertail when needed to haul items like round bails. there is a notch on the back of the loading ramps that will cup under the tubular bumper to prevent the truck from bucking when loading. these simple features make the trailer more user friendly and safer than competitors trailers . -bolt on jacks dual 12k bolt on drop leg jacksare standard on 14k hdgooseneck deckover models while a single 12k jack is standard on bumper pull models. to deploy a drop leg jack you pull the pin and it and it extends to the ground. if it gets damaged it's an easy replacement rather than a trip to a fab shop. dual jacks provide lots of stability for the longer gooseneck models and have plenty of lifting capability . -gooseneck available all gooseneck models get a full width front toolbox standard dual 12k bolt on jacks as well as neck gussets to the side rail and from the horizontal to vertical beam. some manufacturers don't offer the neck gussets which provide critical support to the neck. also some do a chain tray ilo a toolbox in the neck . -better built beavertail so it's only a beavertail what can be different right? well first the cleats are 3"x3" not a 2x2" as you'll find on many trailers. second the outer side rail is channel but turns to tube for the 5' beavertail for strength when loading. finally the tubular rear bumper gives strength to the ramps when loading protects better from rear impact and provides a more secure location for the sealed wiring harness . -painted underside hard to believe but if you've crawled under many trailers you'll quickly find that paint on the underside of some trailers is an option...makes you wonder where else shortcuts are being made . -cross trac bracing all models come standard with crosstrac bracing which is a rubrail looking piece of flat steel that runs in an "x" pattern under both the crossmembers and also from i-beam mainframe to mainframe. cross trac has been tested and is approximately 4x's stronger than a torque tube as it ties in many more places than a torque tube. it helps to keep the trailer from absorbing the twisting forces that are applied to the trailer frame during loading and hauling. this bracing creates a more stable platform with less flex and sway when hauling. crosstrac bracing is lighter as well and is a standard feature on all sizes not just 30-35' models on some other models . -bullet led lights brighter longer lasting and they have less draw. now with the new bullet style which are sleeker and less of a target. some competitors are still using stud mount incandescent lights -easy lube hubs this standard feature makes servicing your bearings a breeze for any homeowner armed with a grease gun and a few hand tools -radial tires longer lasting and better riding radial tires should be on all trailers but sadly some name brands you've probably heard of still use bias...beware of the "hybrid" tire which looks like a radial but is still a bias tire with reduced tread wear . -self adjusting brakes we equip all of our tandem axles with brakes on both axles. the brakes are self or forward adjusting much like a vehicle and automatically adjust to the proper clearance via spring tension . -spare tire mount while many don't include a mount or have an uninspiring design sure trac's does an excellent job integrating the mount into the structure without obstruction is well placed and well designed . -sealed wiring harness/sealed brake connections more time using the trailer and less time working on it! our trailer features a sealed modular harness equipped with plug & play sealed brake connections. the wiring is concealed and protected in frame . -slipper spring suspension all 14000# gvw and up hd deckover trailers will receive the heavy duty suspension standard. it provides more durability and stability to the trailer than dual eye springs. they are also equipped with a wet bolt kit for service . -integrated side step a side step on both sides is a standard feature on all hd deckovers. it has built in traction cleats for gripping your shoe .