2021 Sure-Trac 7x18' 9900# gvw utility landscape trailer st8218tat-b-100

61008 Spring, IL

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  • Make: Sure-Trac
  • Model: 7x18' 9900# gvw utility landscape trailer st8218tat-b-100
  • Type: Utility
  • Location: 61008 Spring, IL
  • Year: 2021
  • Weight: 2340.0 lbs


this unit is designed for a commercial landscaper. upgraded 3x5" frame 5" channel tongue 7k jack 5200# running gear hd reinforced gate 2x3" tube top rail etc. the tube top is the most popular of the tube top model utilities as is the prototypical landscape utility. it's built plenty heavy duty but not overbuilt. it's a stylish trailer that looks good and tows very well. when not loaded the gate folds flat inside the trailer for an even better ride quality. it's well engineered and is one of only a few trailers that can handle the available payload on the ramp. it has all the features you can pack into a trailer this size and price range and is an excellent option for a customer seeking a good value. we have other make/models of utilities in stock but if you're looking for our best mix of features craftsmanship powder coat/wiring/weld quality and atv ramp sides this trailer should receive a closer look. watch a video walk around of this model here https //youtu.be/jiacpkqa83q features 2 x 6 pressure treated decking 2 x 2 heavy tube top rail for structural rigidity fold flat/spring assist gate self-retained gate pins tube uprights 15" radial tires all steel fenders with backers wiring enclosed in tubular steel board retainers front and rear zinc set back jack ez lube hubs rubber mounted led sealed lights spare tire mount tandem axle brakesspecifications gvwr 2990# - 7000# gawr 3500# curb weight 890# - 2410# payload 1570# - 5300# length overall 137" - 281" bed length 96" - 240" bed width 61.5" - 81.5" deck height 18" coupler height 16"some photos may show optional aluminum wheels color tarp kit spare tire or other accessories/options and is not included in price. generic stock photos may be used to showcase features. included options will be noted above.the sure-trac difference fold flat ramp gate - gate folds flat down inside trailer bed to reduce wind resistance and improve ride quality. many gates are not designed with this feature. spring assist ramp gate - although a very heavy duty gate the gate is perfectly balanced and has virtually no weight to it. by folding it inside the trailer you remove the tension and allow the gate to be easily removed. self retained gate pins - while the gate pin system seems seemingly unimportant you can't appreciate this until you've had a poorly designed pin setup. nothing to lose nothing to break. simple yet secure. zinc set back jack - more corrosion resistant than most and also in a set back position to reduce the chance of impact with your tail gate. many still use a standard painted a-frame jack that is in the way. sealed led lights - brighter longer lasting and they have less draw. now with the new bullet style. some competitors are still using stud mount incandescent lights. protected wiring - unlike many trailers that literally either have the wiring stapled to the underside of the bed or ran through a torched hole the wiring is ran in conduit and gel filled. ez lube hubs - this standard feature makes servicing your bearings a breeze for any homeowner armed with a grease gun and a few hand tools. 15" radial tires - longer lasting and better riding radial tires should be on all trailers but sadly many still use bias...beware of the "hybrid" tire which looks like a radial but is still a bias tire at heart. self adjusting brakes - we equip all of our tandem axles with brakes on both axles. the brakes are self or forward adjusting much like a vehicle and automatically adjust to the proper clearance via spring tension. front and rear board retainers - while the original owner isn't likely to be the one to replace the deck boards sure trac makes it a breeze to do so. while many simply weld the front/rear in place sure-trac uses a "retainer" that by simply removing a handful of decking screws allows the boards to easily and very simply be removed/replaced. spare tire mount - while many don't include a mount or have an uninspiring design sure-trac's does an excellent job integrating the mount into the structure without obstruction. tube gate crossmembers - the gate on all utilities are built from 2" x 2" tube cross members. unlike many trailers that use angle the gate isn't a bottleneck on this trailer. for the most part if it's within the legal payload of the trailer the gate will handle it with ease. tread plate teardrop fenders - most are equipped with smooth fenders which are lighter duty and just don't look quite as robust. on tandems the teardrop style also gives more strength than the cheaper straight fender of found on cheaper models. gussets on fenders - all trailers 6' get fender gussets which gives additional strength to a fender impact and protection to the light and wiring. also functional as a side step up into the trailer! triple tube tongue - much more support and stability than the inferior trailers offering only a single tube or an a-frame tongue. if you ever load tongue heavy this is the trailer for you. channel full wrap tongue - all tongue's are made from structural channel and all tandem's and atv ramp models have a full wrap tongue. many cheaper utilities don't offer a full wrap which offers little support between the front of fender to the front of the trailer. also some use a lighter angle iron tongue or a non-structural formed tongue. silicone joints - sure trac protects the various seams of the trailer from the elements such as between the tongue and mainframe fender and toprail etc. ez gate removal - the gate is heavy duty but due to an excellent design it can be removed fairly quickly by one person and requires no tools. many gates require a second person to remove as well as a socket. tie downs - many utilities don't include standard tie-downs but with sure trac most models include either stake pockets or d-rings and there is also the bottom of the tube uprights. powdercoat tough - our trailers have one of the toughest finishes on the market in large part due to the steel prep prior to final finish. one of the best finishes on the market particularly at the price point. painted underside - hard to believe but if you've crawled under many utilities you'll quickly find that paint on the underside of some trailers is an option...makes you wonder where else shortcuts are being made. stronger top rail - with tube top rails uprights and mitered corners our utilities have one of the toughest top rails and looks robust. better paint better wiring better welds better features better design...better get one.www.sure-trac.com